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Outpatient Drug Rehab Albuquerque NM

USA Pain Clinics offers outpatient drug rehab with Suboxone therapy in both Albuquerque and Rio Rancho NM. With the substantial opioid epidemic occurring in the United States, it is critical that convenient, outpatient rehab is available.

This way, patients can continue to work, be with their families and stay productive while achieving rehab for the drug addiction. Thankfully, several providers at USA Pain Clinics are Certified in Suboxone treatment. This is necessary, as the regulations on Suboxone are very strict.

Suboxone is a medication used to treat opioid dependence, containing buprenorphine and naloxone. Opioids that are typically treated well with the drug include heroin,

What Suboxone does is fill the brain’s opioids receptors without producing the same high as normal opioids. One of the great advantages with the medication is that it cannot be taken to achieve a full opioid high, so it is VERY hard to abuse it.

Because Suboxone has naloxone in it, if a person tries to crush the drug and snort it, getting high will not be possible. The naloxone blocks the opioids from the pain receptors.

Overall, the benefits of Suboxone are:

  • Lower abuse potential
  • Greater accessibility
  • High success rate in the treatment of opiate dependence

Suboxone treatment involves regular physician visits and a lengthy program. One needs to understand there is no cure for addiction. However, Suboxone is highly effective at curtailing use and facilitating recovery.

Call USA Pain Clinics today to get started on your outpatient drug rehab with Suboxone in New Mexico!