Pain Medication Management in Albuquerque 

Pain Medication Management Albuquerque NM

When a patient comes to USA Pain Clinics, we are more than happy to take the steps required to provide symptomatic relief. In the event that the direct cause of pain is not a curable condition, many of the symptoms can still have relief provided for them with the application of pain medication management.

This is the use of pain medications to provide relief, something patients will likely already be familiar with. Approximately 31% of Americans will experience some form of pain during their life, with complications arising in the neck, back, joints, or other areas of the body.

There are multiple medications that can be given to our patients, with the largest amount of these falling into one of three categories. These include the over-the-counter (OTC) medications, prescription medications, and opiates.

What will Pain Medication Management treat?

Our physicians commonly use pain medication to treat the painful symptoms that patients are experiencing. Some of the conditions most commonly treated with pain medication management at our clinic include:

How is Pain Medication Management performed?

Pain medication management is performed with careful management of the ongoing Pain Management Albuquerquemedications a patient is taking for their symptoms. Patients with mild pain may already be performing medication management with OTC meds without even realizing it (just by following the dosage instructions provided on the container). Two of the most common medications taken OTC are items patients will be familiar with, as they include NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) and acetaminophens (pain killers).

Patients with more severe symptoms, or who are experiencing chronic pain, may be given prescription strength medications for their ailments. In many cases prescription strength meds are heavily monitored and regulated by the government. Prescribed opiates and corticosteroids given for pain relief fall into this classification of medication.

How well does Pain Medication Management work?

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The effects of medication will differ based on the ailment that is causing a patients pain and on the adherence to dosage guidelines. The amount of medication taken at a given time, the frequency with which it is taken, and the unique way a patient responds to the medication will dictate the effectiveness of a given medication on the symptoms present.

Patients may find that OTC medication provides some benefit for moderate symptoms, but will not be completely effective for more serious causes. Consultation and diagnosis by one of our physicians can assist patients in acquiring the correct medications they need to obtain relief. Patients who have severe allergies, or who are having asthmatic complications, may be given corticosteroids to help reduce inflammation and ease secondary symptoms.

Patients who have acute instances of severe pain, such as during surgery or from an injury, or who have chronic pain that have not responded well to other medications may be prescribed opiates.

What are the risks of Pain Medication Management?

Provided patients adhere to the guidelines of their unique medications, there is very little risk associated with pain medication management. Some individual medications may produce side effects, but these are lengthily discussed with patients by our physician prior to any medication being given to a patient. Some common side effects with pain medication include water retention, weakening of the immune system, sleep complications, and weight gain. Long term usage of opiates may develop into a chemical dependency on the medication.

What is the bottom line of Pain Medication Management?

Pain medication management is a very effective tool in providing pain relief to our patients. Often it is performed in conjunction with interventional procedures.

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